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HP Laserjet 5000 parts


HP Laserjet 5000 5000n 5000DTN parts

We are breaking 5 of these printers

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1 RG5-3520 Paper guide - Tray 1 paper guide plate assembly
2 RG5-3553 Rear door sensor assembly - Arm and mount assembly
3 RF5-3439 Tray 1 separation pad - Does not include pressure spring or separation pad holder
4 RH7-5195 Cassete paper pickup solenoid - Cassete paper pickup solenoid - SL306
5 WS6-5092 Power connector - Supplies power to optional paper trays
6 RB2-1782 Lower tray paper sensor lever - For Tray2/Lower Tray
7 RB2-1784 Paper sensor lever spring - Holds tension on sensor arm
8 RB2-1781 Multi purpose tray paper sensor lever - For drop down Tray 1/Multi Purpose Tray
9 RB2-1783 Paper sensor lever spring
10 RB2-1985 Lower output delivery roller - Shaft with four rollers
11 RB2-1988 Right side bushing for lower delivery roller
12 RB2-1989 Left side bushing for lower delivery roller
13 RS6-0357 Delivery roller shaft gear - Upper delivery shaft gear - Drives output shaft
14 RH7-5192 Registration clutch - Engages registration roller
15 RB2-1734 Grounding plate
16 RB2-1735 Grounding plate
17 RB2-1737 Grounding plate
18 RB1-6141 Grounding plate
19 RB2-1990 Grounding plate
20 RB2-1825 Leaf spring - Tray size sensor fingers


1 RS5-1392 Tray 1 and 2 left side pickup roller shaft bushing - Tray 1 and 2 pickup shaft left bushing
2 RS5-0695 Tray 2 pickup roller shaft drive gear
3 RS5-2434 Tray 2 shaft gear spring - Holds tension on shaft hook
4 RB1-2190 Pickup roller spring hook
5 RF5-2397 Tray 2 left rail - Left side tray support
6 RF5-2398 Tray 2 right rail - Right side tray support
7 RB2-1744 On/off switch - Mechanical lever on lower front right side
8 RB2-1731 Switch rod - Mechanical link between on/off switch lever and electrical on/off switch at power inlet assembly
9 RG5-3519 Pickup roller assembly - Shaft/roller assembly that feeds paper from paper input assemblies - Also order separation pad kit
10 RB1-6130 Tray 1 pickup roller gear - Tray 1 pickup gear - Drives tray 1 pickup roller
11 RB1-6179 Tray 1 and 2 pickup shaft bushing - Right side - Tray 1 and 2 pickup shaft bushing - Right side - Two used
12 RB1-6177 Tray 1 and 2 pickup shaft bushing - Right side - Tray 1 and 2 pickup shaft bushing - Right side - Two used
13 RB2-1820 Pickup roller - Tray 1 pickup roller
14 RB2-1797 Right side tray 1 pickup roller shaft cam
15 RB2-1796 Left side tray 1 pickup roller shaft cam
16 RH7-1430 Tubeaxial fan - Mounts on the lower right rear of the print engine
17 RB2-1738 Shutter lever - Connects to laser shutter
18 RB2-1774 Toner cartridge guide - Left side
19 RB2-1775 Toner cartridge guide - Right side
20 RB2-1780 Paper guide - Guides paper from pickup roller to feed roller
21 RB2-1740 Fan grounding plate and fan housing
22 RB2-1736 Grounding plate - From fan housing to chassis


1 RG5-3525 Transfer guide assembly - Guides paper into transfer roller
2 RG9-1337 Face down guide roller - Four used
3 RB2-1997 Roller holder - Face down guide roller holder
4 RS5-2225 Face down guide roller torsion spring
5 RB1-6251 Lower delivery roller - Presses against the lower delivery roller shaft assembly - Four used
6 RB2-1732 Door switch - Indicates when toner door is ajar
7 RB2-1739 Door switch spring - Provides tension for toner door switch
8 RF5-2399 Paper separation pad and arm
9 RB2-1998 Roller - Upper roller of face-down roller guide - 4 used
10 RH7-5191 Paper feed clutch


1 RG5-3579 Transfer roller assembly
2 C4110-69016 Laser/scanner assembly
3 RG5-3562 Cable assembly - A 22-pin (F) connector to many cables: 32.4cm (12.8in) with 8-pin (F) connector, 34.9cm (13.8in) with 7-pin (F) connector, 40.3cm (15.9in) with 4-pin (F) connector, and 66.4cm (26.1in) with 3-pin (F) connector - Scanner cable
4 RG5-3561 Fuser cable
5 RG5-3543 Main gear assembly - On left side of printer




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These parts are all used and recovered from decommissioned machines

HP LJ5000 parts

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